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HPM application: Randy (evolved) by Contrast-Kitsune HPM application: Randy (evolved) by Contrast-Kitsune
:bulletred:Name: Randy Barillas(nickname; Red)
:bulletorange:Age: is now 20
:bulletred: Gender: Male
:bulletorange:Pokémon: Scrafty
:bulletred: Height: 5’ 9”
:bulletorange:Body style: Athletic (muscels hidden under jacket)
:bulletred: Birthday: April 21st
:bulletorange: Home Island: Amusement Archipelago

:bulletred:Personality: Before, Randy had somewhat of a timid nature concerning most subjects, and was also quite modest and bashful. Now-a-days hes gained more confidence. Though he is still his same somewhat skittish self, he now has the guts to stand up for himself and what he believes in.

He’s kept his Sturdy body and still has good perseverance and endurance. Unfortunately he’s still finicky. He's seemed to get a little better in the department of his selfishness having expanded his spectrum of "giving a damn" out to the friends he's made. It seems though that he has started to isolate himself just a bit possibly due to frustration in not comprehending some things or possibly something more. Seems he's a touch more violent prone. Not much more then a grain though.

:bulletorange:History: Despite his looks and general personality, Randy is surprisingly selfish. He keeps to himself and really only cares for himself, with the exception of Scrim and good friends. He generally doesn’t realize he’s selfish like this, but should he know he might try and change. Perhaps it was this flaw that led his parents to kick him out of the house when he hit 18.

For the years that he lived with them he helped out around the home rarely, preferring to spend his time frivolously maintaining his body. He was lazy during that time, loafing around and blatantly ignoring his parents demands that he find a job whenever he wasn’t caring for himself. After being forced out, however, he was ashamed of his behavior and all the time wasted. He began to wear oversize and baggy clothing to hide the very body he worked so hard to get. Now he is desperately searching for a job, which is how he found his way to Raccolto Town. Making down-payment with the money his parents gave him to live off of, Randy bought a small, old home in the Amusement Archipelago.

Along with the home, he accidentally inherited the monstrous guard-Houndour, Scrim. (who’s actually an okay dog but still looks terrifying. The whole experience made him from a normal quiet little kid into an eager-to-please quiet little wreck.

Since moving and getting settled though, he's made improvements. He did indeed get a job working for psycho-boss Sentri.. since then become a hard worker through the sigliyphs pushing and conditioning. He's also made more friends (and acquired more pets) then he thought he would. Each one has influenced and taught him in their own way.

He officially evolved Monday, December 10. This is still rather recent.

:bulletred:Job:Buisness owner’s Employee

- Hi Jump Kick
- Crunch
- Rock Climb
-Zen headbutt (father is a Grumpig)

:bulletred:Ability: Shed skin: characterized by his clothing.. well.. exploding (good thing he knows a seamstress)

:bulletblack:Dog Race: Houndoom
:bulletorange:Dog's name: Scrim
:bulletblack:Scrim’s Moveset:
:bulletorange:Ability: Early Bird

-very strong; he can lift heavy loads, even if he doesn’t look it
-quick; rather helpful with his strength, his pants get him tangled up sometimes. Less often now.
-surprisingly graceful; kid can break-dance. He can also slip away quietly
-Tuned to emotions; ..of the people he’s close with, but isn’t afraid to express his own emotions. He can sense what people are going through. He hardly ever get’s involved though
- he can see in the dark pretty well so long as his darkglasses aren't on.

- He can play the Harmonica
- his favorite color is actually green
- He’s afraid of confrontation
- Favorite place is the attic with a tin of icecream,
hand-made icecream (which he makes himself)
- He secretly wants to own an icecream parlor
- Applied for a loan to become full-fledged business owner but his request was denied based on age.
- He sleepwalks sometimes
- Likes to make/find gifts for people who've helped him in someway

:bulletred:Sexuality: Undetermined; suspected Bisexual (Randy never gave it much thought but he figures “if they’re nice then it’s all good”)
:bulletorange:Loves: Weights, Exercising, Warm nights, beautiful antique things, crawlspaces, and good smells.
:bulletred:Gifts; Rock salt, Large tin cans, sunglasses, Anything sweet, clothes, and incense
:bulletorange:Likes; Being underground, impressing others, staying home, and the occasional tussle.
:bulletred:Dislikes; Being soaking wet, Sleeping outside, Not having baggy clothes on, haircuts.
:bulletorange:Hates; Spicy things (it’ll make him cry, he’s can’t handle anything spicy), being forced or tricked into doing something, being dropped, being teased
:bulletred:Fears; Scrim’s Snarl, drowning (thanks to the extra clothing, the extra weight can drag him down), breaking limbs. Also, Beedrill/Vespiqueen.
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TheLonelyQueen Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

-flails happily-

He is so cute amggg
Contrast-Kitsune Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student General Artist

thanks queen ;3;<3
just looked at this side by side with Randy's original app... Damn that improvement amazes me alkfjgnb

You are AMAZING gurl~
Skulldilian Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
Awww, he looks so cute! ;w;
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